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Cumulus 2019: “Around the Campfire - Resilience and Intelligence

With the view of opening up more opportunities for our students, as well as providing them with greater international exposure and ARCH bring member of Cumulus since 2017 Ms. Archana Surana, Founder and Director, ARCH attended the Cumulus Working Group’s meeting in Finland. The Cumulus Rovaniemi 2019 conference “Around the Campfire - Resilience and Intelligence" was hosted by The Faculty of Art and Design of the University of Lapland from to discuss the themes of resilience and intelligence. 

A global honour was bestowed upon ARCH as it bagged 4th position in the prestigious competition of "French Luxury 2074" by the globally reputed design institutions association, Cumulus. 

Competing with entries from well-known design schools from across the world, Interior design students of ARCH College of Design and Business Ayushi Jain, Kajol Agarwal, Sakshi Katta and Vaibhav Gurjar secured this position within this future-themed event with their unique entry called "Utopia: A Journey", putting the name of our country up there on a truly international pedestal.