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ChrCha on “Learning from Tradition”

ChrCha over a cup of delicious tea was back with another session at ARCH campus on the prolific topic “Learning from Tradition” with the esteemed Lead Speaker: Prof. Jinan KB, Design Educator and Craft Designer.Conceptualised and organised by ARCH, CHR-CHA is a forum to bring together people from the the Creative & Cultural Industries and related fields for interdisciplinary discussions, pivotal to Design & creation in all fields, over a cup of tea.

Some very groundbreaking observations came to the fore, especially regarding the education field, modernity vs. tradition and the idea of ‘learning and unlearning’ - a concept that has been of great importance at ARCH.

It provided a platform to examine challenges in their sectors & share their experiences, ideas, opinions, and policy advocacy towards collaborative efforts, implementation methodologies and build meaningful connections with like-minded people from the community.