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Responsible Fashion Series with Prof. Annick Schramme

How would Creativity evolve in the New Normal was the essence of the conversation between Director Archana Surana with Prof. Annick Schramme, professor of Fashion Management, Academic Director for Creative Industries at the University of Antwerp over an Insta Chat on
Responsible Fashion. Having been fellow speakers at the Fashion Colloquia 2020 and at the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) as well, they shared views on Heritage & Stories of Change, further throwing light on how important it is to protect and preserve the colors and threads of our rich material culture and the unique stories they tell us.

The Responsible Fashion Series originated at JAIPUR in January 2020 hosted & organised by ARCH College followed by declaring the Jaipur Fashion Manifesto on Responsible Fashion part of the Fashion Colloquia collection of events focusing on fashion and its transition in the environmental context.

Under the leadership of Prof. Annick Schramme, Responsible Fashion Series is being held in October 2021 at Antwerp, emphasising the need of thinking more creatively, while breaking the stereotypes through revisiting fashion imagery and gender fluidity. Director Archana Surana being
a Scientific Committee member of the upcoming Responsible Fashion Series invites contributions.

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