Interior Design in contemporary times reflects the impressive progress made in the field of energised spatial solutions generated to satisfy perception and psychology. ARCH’s course aims to develop learners’ skills and understanding needed to visualise, create, modify and craft preferred environs, for specific purposes and to high professional standards. Students, in addition to getting the requisite technical knowledge and skills to realise visualised intent will develop a high level of competence in controlling the creative process from inception to design realisation and communication.


  • Design Thinking and Methodology
  • Design Research and Critique
  • Design Movements and Style
  • Materials - Techniques and Processes
  • Design Studio - Mixed-Use
  • Complex Design Methodology
  • Trend Analysis and Forecasting
  • Design Theory, Culture and Services
  • Design Studio - Healthcare.
  • Introduction to Marketing Theory
  • Introduction to Design Brand Strategy and Innovation
  • Vaastu Principles
  • Lighting and Colours in Interior
  • Design Studio - Heritage and Vernacular
  • Capstone Project.

Career Opportunities

  • Entrepreneur
  • Fashion Product Development Manager
  • Blogger and Social Media Marketer
  • Interface Designer
  • Lifestyle Product Designer
  • Jewellery Coordinator
  • Merchandiser
  • Trend and Forecast Analyst
  • Design Strategist
  • Photographer


We welcome students from around the world and understand that our international students may have special requirements, email us at admission@archedu.org



Biophilic Interiors For The Modern World

with the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID)

Biophilic design is not just a word that signifies the true essence of being a nature lover

Visual Merchandising

3-day Workshop with: Anuraag Singhal

Author of "Visual Merchandising in India" and Former Creative Lead at Madhura Fashions