Entrepreneurs are assets for any nation and they should be nurtured and cultivated for the growth of an economy. ARCH’s Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) consists of students from different courses and it is committed to lighting up the spirit of young minds working together in producing successful entrepreneurs, possessing excellent leadership qualities using innovative and ethical business practices to make global impact.

Students are equipped with tools that would be helpful to bring about their personal development as well as the advancement of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the institute. Through the E-Cell activities the learner is able to access learning resources, participate in various workshops, connect with experienced professionals from the corporate world, mentoring and training along with many other activities.

Key Activities:

  • Speaker Series (Workshops & Knowledge Session)
  • Entropedia (Annual B Plan Competitions)
  • Startup Bootcamps
  • Hackathons (Design/Tech/Social)
  • Networking Sessions
  • Mentoring Sessions


  • Networking Opportunity
  • Placements / Internship Opportunities
  • Organizing and Team Building Skills
  • Marketing and Soft Skills
  • Immense Learning Opportunity

Design Education in the New Normal

in conversation with : Prof. Pradyumna Vyas

Former Director, National Institute of Design (NID)

Sustainable Luxury in the Jewellery Industry

in conversation with : Katrina Perez

Celebrity Jewelry Blogger and Journalist, London (UK)

Design for Transforming the Future

in conversation with : Alok B. Nandi

Director, Spread Design & Architempo Past President –IxDA