Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab

ARCH has in place well-equipped labs & workspaces to support the creative processes & steps of Design, Research, Fabrication, and reproductions to full scale when required, of models, installations, sample artifacts, products, furniture, and apparel prototypes. All essential operations in Gemology, Terracotta work, Weaving, Dyeing & Printing, Pattern Making & Drafting, Sewing, Leather Working, Wood Working, Jewellery Manufacturing, Metal Working, Casting & Enamelling, Model making, 3D Scanning & Printing, Laser Cutting, Computerized Operations in CAD, Internet Networking etc. are possible in the available infrastructure, which includes a Photography studio, CAD Labs & an Apple Mac Lab. Highspeed Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity enable faculty and students to carry out individual research, communication & collaborative project work, without interruption.

Labs with machinery & equipment supported by digital technology allow students to get exposed to various techniques and processes of design that, along with research, include, fabrication of models, and prototypes for production and testing. A range of prototyping tools are available to the student on the campus, for plotting, 3D scanning, 3D printing, laser cutting & engraving, and testing, apart from workshop machines, hand power tools, and other jigs and fixtures. Additionally, various research opportunities are open to students on joint projects, both, community based & international.

The Resource center and Library acts as a catalyst for the genesis of new ideas. Designed to engage and encourage self-paced learning and research, ARCH’s E-library follows an open access system for users and offers a large collection of books, international journals, e-books, and films. The expansive collection includes books on Interior Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Communication Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Ceramic Design, Accessories Design, Exhibition Design, Art & Craft, Humanities, Architecture and Engineering, among many more books, covering allied areas of interest. All these resources are available for students and faculty, along with bound volumes of graduation projects, student portfolios, e-presentations, reports, journals, periodicals, and magazines.

The Copy Centre offers a range of services; including black-and-white and colour copying and printing, wire/comb binding, lamination, digital printing etc.

The campus also has a well-stocked stationery shop for students, enabling the convenient purchase of required material pertinent to courses and activities.

Some of the equipment on campus are production machines like the Investment Casting Machine in the Casting and Enamelling workshop. Software training is carried out in the CAD lab & Apple Mac lab equipped with workstations.

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