Founder's Message

Welcome to ARCH College of Design & Business!

We have been delivering quality Design Education since the turn of the century… the start of the new millennium. mean achievement by any standards, and we continue to do so!

Planning for a number of contingencies since news of the coronavirus first emerged, we are one of the few confident institutions and centres of quality and excellence, equipped to provide a continuing learning experience of a high-quality to students, using the digital technology we have available.

With the move from solid societies to liquid societies (Zigmunt Bauman), with digital communications & technology very much at the front of it, the digital becomes the context and the previously known notion of context becomes the content.

This key paradigm shift should be used to its advantage, especially in cases where a rich culture like India is at hand, alive in all its depth, containing all layers to be worked on and with. It is in this sense that I consider India to be at the top of this pyramid. When we say India, and even more, when we say Jaipur, Rajasthan, we are speaking of ‘heritage’, ‘textile’, the ‘crafts industry’, ‘fine arts’ ‘performing arts’, ‘folklore’ and so on, and they present true opportunities in their potential connections to product design, interior design, fashion design, the fine arts, and most importantly the design of communication, that binds and makes all this creative activity visible and gives it meaning.

And our ‘New Paradigm’ students will be…….

+ Explorers

Learners who are on a journey to understand themselves and the world at a deeper level and who love being curious. They see learning as a voyage of adventure and discovery. They love new ideas and creativity, alongside learning new concepts and skills, are always keen to extend their knowledge.

+ Creators

Self-directed learners who yearn to grow their creative confidence and capacity. They use a multi-studio environment: multimedia, music, maker space, food, multi-materials, graphic design, visual art, textiles, programming and electronics to name just a few, to develop their ability as active designers and makers. They love a focus that expands to understand how they might contribute solutions to complex global challenges.

+ Changemakers

Learners who have finished school or are close to it, and who are ready to apply their growing understanding and knowledge to tackle fresh challenges. Empowered by our studio model, they intentionally interact with a range of professional environments through expert mentors, multidisciplinary projects, and internships.
Changemakers select a track that might extend their passion in the creative realm, or perhaps enable a prime focus on business or applied technology.

+ Leaders

quality human beings: passionate, receptive, confident, social, friendly, inclusive and team players and nurturers of teams.

It’s likely that you already know that ARCH was the first to design and conduct a successful Online Exam to screen aspirants for design studies in 2011, and that we have continued the practice since then. This year onwards, the ‘Entrance Screening’ will be an exciting and interesting departure from the expected usual exam. We have changed the pattern, parts, and processes, of this Entrance Screening in order to attract and admit only potentially introspective, convinced, persistent, strong minded, thinking aspirants, with the right spirit and attitude to take up Design as a responsible profession. From this year, all future AIEED (All India Entrance Examination for Design) Screening, will be aimed at identifying and extending invitations to potential ‘New Paradigm’ students who show ‘Plus’ factors beyond mere drawing and painting skills.

Though the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, changed a number of things, and the times posed new unprecedented challenges for all of us, our teachers and students showed remarkable agility and healthy flexibility in quickly adapting and adopting innovative practices to successfully continue the hectic ‘exchange’ that is integral to the process of digitally delivering world-class Design education! Although working our communications through the nebulous digital ether, which at its very best, has its limits and drawbacks, (audio lags, frozen expressions et al.), the feedback of students and teachers alike, have been very positive and encouraging, and definitely continues to provide the energy for further exploration of viable methods and techniques in this exciting ongoing journey of discovery and delivery.

The ARCH website is a holistic source of information related to the institution, and apart from the important details of Academic Programmes and courses and available pathways, it covers alumni work displayed along with work of current students; major events conducted by Arch, such as the vastly successful international Fashion Colloquium 2020 held in Jaipur in January this year; information about joint projects, student progression programmes, affiliations and partnerships, and so on. Please feel free to explore the website to know more and address further queries, if any, to us.

With our move to online teaching, in addition to our Online Classes & Examinations, we had a special series of virtual events to replace physical events and open days. We successfully hosted virtual Alumni meets and organised more than 35 online Master Classes with teachers and professionals from across the world.

A two-day virtual ‘Open Days’ was hosted, where 100 students across 5 departments presented their work online to Jury members. Students continue to do fantastic work, learning as well as developing products in their mini makers Fab Labs at home.

To further benefit our students, we started using platforms like Instagram and Facebook to conduct interactive Q & A sessions on Design Education and its Career & Entrepreneurship Opportunities.

We are soon launching a selection of E-Learning courses in Art & Design, for design aspirants of all ages, and with useful certification on completion.

I am confident that your time at ARCH will be, both, enjoyable, and rewarding, providing you with knowledge and experience that will prove hugely beneficial in your future academic, personal and professional careers.

As observed so beautifully by Nicholas Negroponte, the co-founder with Jerome B. Wiesner of the MIT Media Lab, “Everything digital is at the same time local and global, big and small, and is both inside and outside of given limits. …. The natural world and the artificial world are becoming interchangeable. The change will take place very quickly. You have to put your seatbelt on!”

I wish you a wonderful creative learning journey and student life at ARCH.

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