Vision Mission


To engage the natural potential of an individual through Design Education and Empower them to Evolve, with the spirit for holistic Co-creation, enabled through positive thought and action.


  • Be an internationally acknowledged design institution, nurturing individuals to develop as innovative, skilled, and socially sensitive professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Build on an impeccable foundation of research and learning, based on a wide spectrum of disciplines, to develop and disseminate relevant knowledge & skills, in consonance with the emerging needs of society.
  • Enrol students of pluralistic identities, and provide them with a learning experience that inspires and prepares them to be creative thought leaders, with the ability to transform the future.
  • Develop collaborations with advanced educational foreign institutions, and organizations, in order to adopt, maintain and enhance global benchmarks established for the standard and quality of imparted education.
  • Channelize the creative energies of the rising youth population of the country into viable development streams, to enable them to contribute as trained professionals with a genuine range of skill sets suited for the industry of today and tomorrow.
  • Revive, renew, nurture, and sensitively utilize, the priceless and irreplaceable artisanal skills, practices and knowledge of the country, and bring beneficial developments and changes to livelihoods, in both, rural and current urban settings, through the application of critical Design Thinking.
  • Acknowledge and embrace the vast repertoire of knowledge accumulated across civilizations for millennia, and inspire and build universal capacities for useful enquiry and re-search, in order to adapt, generate and contribute appropriate solutions to help address urgent and crucial global concerns today.
  • Reinforce, consolidate, and encourage the mentoring and empowerment of women to enable the establishment of universal ‘self-definition’, and educate them to use critical thinking abilities to lead the times and address the new ‘uncertainty’ paradigm with adaptive resilience, and create their own business or social enterprise as professionals & entrepreneurs.

Theme for 2020-21 - Disruption & Innovation

Disruption and Innovation describes a situation in which a precedent is shaken up and previously successful processes and incumbents stumble. Precedents all show sustainable innovative ideas but they have been usually based on created needs. With this drastic change of circumstances, with a global disruption forced on all life, what the paradigm shift urgently calls for today is clear unwavering perception and acceptance of the ramifications of changing previously unchallenged variables and to willingly adopt ideas that are disruptively innovative to deal with the present situation. New ways destroying old ways of operation across the board and individuals who can incorporate these new ideas in their functioning to achieve realistic, acceptable, far reaching and appropriate solutions that are actually need based and sustainable in context.

“Big Event” disruptions like the pandemic present incredible challenges, but also offer unique opportunities. As devastating as these effects are, there is reason for guarded optimism. Those who can adapt and respond agilely to this ‘threat’ and see it as ‘opportunity’ are well placed to thrive in this unprecedented environment and turn it around for common good.

And ARCH, has shown remarkable agility, as a forerunner, in adapting & adopting innovative practices to help provide continuing world-class Design education to all aspirant learners. Focussing on instilling design thinking & methods to help reform perceptions and perspective, for academia and industry, alike, ARCH is energetically and cheerfully involved in the continual process of researching, developing and successfully testing alternative pedagogic systems, vocabularies & strategies that align with the idea of practical and useful innovation. These, most importantly, are proving themselves satisfyingly well, as revealed by the sensitive feedback received from teachers, students and industry alike.

The ‘DISRUPTION’ has actually enabled us to increase our awareness of the value of ‘lean’ working, and helped put the associated principles into practice to achieve the least wastage of time, energy and other resources.

Disruption creates necessities, and that, as we have always believed, creates innovative inventions….

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