B.Voc Graphic Design (3 Year)

Course Intent

Graphic Design pursues a direct and in-depth connection between the Applied Arts tradition of Graphic Design and a critical and creative approach to Communication.

B.Voc curriculum is an amalgamation of research driven and hands on approaches. Therefore, these practices fabricate the creative skills in students at the end of every semester. As per the UGC guidelines, there are multiple exit points for a candidate admitted in this course.

Be a Design Thinker

Course Content

This is programme is designed so students are introduced to the scope and depth of graphic design and its related areas. Facilitated by world-class faculty, students have theory and practical subjects for thinking through creative practices in graphic design and visual communication. These subjects are collaborative and engaging, and are a mix of general and skills-based content.

Students gain a broad range of appropriate skills and design methodology, developing basic research, undertaking analytical and evaluative thinking, making, drawing, visualising, presenting and learning technical and computer skills. Students learn the basic principles of design and communication, gaining an awareness of human factors user requirements and market placing and develop critical and contextual understanding. On the job training is embedded within the degree.

Learners gain knowledge of the professional design environment and awareness of the designer’s roles and responsibilities, client liaison, and how to present themselves and their work within a commercial environment. They learn an understanding of the consumer and marketing and extend their work across print-based media into digital and web design. The technical and computer skills are advanced and extensive, with work-based learning through design project work set by practitioners from the graphic design and visual communications industry.


Year 1 Introduction to Graphic Design

English Communication, Computer Application – I, Drawing, Composition & Design Theory, Foundation Studies in Art & Design, Visual Language, Typography, Communication Skills, Environmental Studies, Visual communication -I, Computer Application – II, Graphic Design – I, Design Project.

Year 2 Building on Foundational Skills

Visual Communication & Culture, Writing for Media, Budgeting Costing & Documentation, Graphic Design II, Photography-I, Printing Technology, Professional Communication & Interaction, Visual Communication-II, Media & Techniques, Creative Practices in Graphic Design, Industry Project, Internship.

Year 3 Collaborative Project Work Year

Entrepreneurship – Foundation, Project Coordination & Supervision, Advertising Theory, Graphic Design – III, Photography-II, Audio & Video Techniques, Marketing & Merchandising, Professional Practice, Web Design & Social Media, Portfolio, Internship & Report Writing.

No. of Seats 30
Eligibility 10+2
Duration 3 year




  • Rajasthan ILD Skills University

Career Opportunities

Upon graduating from the degree, potential careers may include:

Visual artist, colouring artist, drawing artist, designer in printing company, designer in publication house, freelance artist, graphic designer, illustrator, comic book designer, photographer, quality control manager, trend and forecast analyst, principal design strategist with NGOs.

Book Counselling

Learning Outcome

  • Demonstrate competency with industry standards through a professional design outcom
  • Ability to develop an original, innovative and articulate body of graphic design work for a professional portfolio.
  • Ability to conceptualise ideas in order to generate visual solutions.
  • Ability to develop and provide design solutions in response to a given brief.
  • Demonstrated ability to evaluate the requirements for packaging in response to a brief.
  • Ability to present a range of promotional material, using branding guidelines, in support of a given brand.
  • Ability to evaluate the business plan, for a creative venture, based on stakeholder feedback and reflection.